Bookmarks Management
(up to 50 active bookmarks for the free version / unlimited number of bookmarks for the PRO subscription)
The Bookmark manager allows you to store the pages you want to keep by a simple click.
The Bookmarks can then be stored in categories (and sub-categories), and will be easy to search at any moment.

Easy Search & Management
Your bookmarks become searchable on any field: title, description and even url.
Easier that a long menu, like in a traditional Bookmark system, Pageify graphic interface let you see your bookmark in a very simple way.

Travel Version (only on the PRO subscription)
The travel version is more like a wallet where you store the most needed bookmarks when your travel.
You can either download a CSV file or use our short url to reach our travel case.
You can use it anywhere else.

Alert Me! (only on the PRO subscription)
Alert ME! is a Reminder feature.
When you bookmark a page it is often to come back to it easily, and some times you already know when.
Alert ME! allows you to receive an email at the right moment.
For example, you see an item in an online shop and would like to get back to that page during the sales.
This function meets this type of needs.

First usage
When you use Pageify for the first time, you need to activate the extension with a KeyID that you have received when you register to the service. If you don't have a registration, please reach the page "Register"
Need some help?
You can send us a message from our Contact center.