What is Pageify?

Pageify is a very interesting extension (add-on) for you browser, it makes your bookmarks easy to manage, easy to organize and easy to travel with. We are very proud to bring bookmark management in a brand new dimension. In our features section, discover our bookmark organizer and our bookmark alerts.
What is the Pageify?

Pageify is a productivity tool, an addition to your current browser. It allows you to mark the pages you are interested in while surfing the net. Nothing new? Well, it is. Pageify is more practical than the "bookmark" functionality already present in your browser, it allows you to sort, classify by importance, send to a friend, be reminded of a moment to return to a page, and much more...

What is an extension for my web browser?

Pageify is an extension for Chrome and Firefox. What is an extension, it's an embedded application, an icon in your menu bar, with a simple click you bookmark the active page. Simple and efficient.

First usage
When you use Pageify for the first time, you need to activate the extension with a KeyID that you have received when you register to the service. If you don't have a registration, please reach the page "Register"
Need some help?
You can send us a message from our Contact center.